Bias Cognitivi nei processi di Project Management

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Since 2002, when Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky were awarded with the Nobel Prize for their researches on behavioral economics, the attention of both Academics and Practitioners around cognitive biases constantly grow up. Currently more than 100 biases have been described in literature….too many to be managed.
Still, some of them are more frequent and more impacting in specific environments and managers can develop a conscious reaction to them.
The decision-making process is heavily affected by cognitive biases and every business field involving frequent and challenging arrays of decisions is impacted as well.
Thus, it is not surprising if more and more attention is nowadays paid to the impacts of cognitive biases in project management This workshop will introduce and analyze some of the most common and relevant cognitive biases analyzing their impact on project management.
Participants will also be involved in interactive tests and experiments to assess their resistance to biases.


I partecipanti al workshop dovranno avere un dispositivo (smartphone, tablet o pc) in grado di connettersi ad internet sia tramite wifi che tramite connessione dati.
Durante il workshop ci sarà una parte interattiva sul Web.

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