TK002 - Innovation 360! Views from a PM Globalist

Innovation 360! Views from a PM Globalist

Sala Massimo
Sala Massimo



Managing Editor, PM World Journal


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L'innovazione è diventata una chiave per il successo di programmi, progetti e organizzazioni, e risulta fondamentale “svelare il mistero” di cosa l’innovazione sia veramente, e di come debba essere affrontata dai project manager e dai team.
Pells ricorderà alcune innovazioni dalla storia, considererà l’innovazione per le diverse generazioni, industrie, ed economie, e discuterà l’innovazione nel contesto Industry 4.0, proponendo alcuni suggerimenti che dovrebbero aiutare i project manager, i team e le organizzazioni ad avere più successo.

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The Internet Age has brought many changes to our world, both positive and negative.
And the pace of change continues to accelerate - in society, science, technology, economies, markets, organizations and personal lives. When rapid change is combined with open markets and global competition, innovation becomes a key to program, project or organizational success.
Innovation has therefore rapidly become one of the most important topics in the project management world.
But what is it really? And how should it be viewed or dealt with by project managers and teams? It seems a mystery to some. How does the nature or importance of innovation change across countries, economies or industries – or over time? Does the issue need to be so complicated? Is there some natural or practical perspective to the topic that can be applied? In this presentation we will try to take the mystery out of innovation.
We will look at a few innovations from history, consider innovation across generations, industries and economies, and discuss Innovation in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or what is commonly called Industry 4.0.
Some suggestions will be offered that should help project managers, teams and organizations be more successful.

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